March 11, 2019

Hubby is next door and the neighbor is here. I can’t scream, she said. The neighbor guy is flirting with her in a small kitchen. She’s getting horny and unbuttoning her very short skirt. He’s acting like he doesn’t care that much. She sits down on his lap and they talk. She stands and he grabs her ass. Then he goes after her as she plays hard to get. Now they separate and she buttons her skirt. She picks up a cigarette to smoke as they talk. He wants her now but she’s playing hard to get.

She’s got a very sexy body with nice wide hips. Her breasts are small yet very nice. She has a small bush between her legs. Her hair is shoulder length and dark.

He is dressed in a dark, blue shirt and light, blue shorts. He’s got short, dark hair and a dark beard.

The woman goes by Eve. She is 28 years old. I don’t know the guy’s name or age.

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