Couple’s Action: TheHideOut

April 10, 2019

The show started for me with the couple right in the middle of doing it. She was lying on top of him. They’re both shaved down there. He was sliding in and out of her from below. We are viewing them from the direction of their feet. She’s moaning as he slides in and out. He’s going for a long time.

The couple has now switched positions. She in on her hands and knees. He’s mounted her from behind. She’s moaning as he slides in and out.

They’ve switched positions again. He’s now on top of her. OK, now he is really going at it. And I think he just came.

She has a really nice body. Nice breasts and wide hips, blond hair. She looks like she is about 25 years old. He looks like he is around 30.

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