April 10, 2019

Lizelle, aka lizmreow, is very sexy sitting on the bed with a nightgown on. We can only see her from her breasts and up. She’s only talking to us right now, but she has a certain hotness about her. She has almost 290,000 followers, so I guess a lot of guys agree with me.

She stepped away from the screen to use the bathroom right now. She does have slightly hairy underarms but I don’t mind that. I think she is about 20 years old but her profile doesn’t say. She said she’s 5ft 4in in height.

OK, she’s back. She’s actually wearing black panties and a gold top that I thought was a nightgown but is only a top. She is touching her body as she is lying on the bed and quietly singing to the background music. Still not showing us much but her sexiness is attracting the guys.

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